Ramos gets first USAC Sprint Car win

By: Jeannie Broussal, Special to The Press Tribune
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In just his sixth start in the series, Luis Ramos III was happy to take his first USAC Sprint Car feature win Saturday night in Roseville.


Ramos passed Tanner Swanson on lap 47 and held on to take the checkered flag.


Pole-sitter Shauna Hogg led for 31 laps before hitting the wall on the back stretch to end her night.  Swanson took the lead at that point, battling it out with Ramos until had a nut come off his rear left hub cuasing him to hit the wall on the front stretch and sending sparks flying everywhere.


"I was just hoping not to hit him," Ramos said.  "It was wild. I just saw sparks flying everywhere and I went as low as I possibly could. I couldn't see Swanson's car through the sparks and I was just hoping I would miss him. This win is great. It's indescribable. I thought my Focus win was great, but to get a win in just six USAC Sprint Car starts is phenomenal."


Tony Hunt, who had the fastest time in qualifying, came in second, with Audra Sasselli third, Tim Skoglund fourth and Jerry Kobza rounding out the top five.


In Legends racing, Jeremy Wood got the win.


"I've got seven years under my belt in Legends cars," Wood said.  "I've also raced Late Models and Modifieds, but the Legend cars are something that I come back to because they are such a blast to drive and they are affordable."


Donny Darter held the lead until lap 20 when Wood got by him. Then Stanislov Osterlund passed Darter for second. Darter came in third. Frankie Marks was fourth and Tony Mangini finished fifth.


"The No. 99 (Darter) and I both got up front early on," Wood added. "Thirty-five laps is a pretty long race for these cars. I was just being patient. The No. 42 (Osterlund) car came up and started pressuring me, so I put the pressure on the No. 99 car and eventually took the lead."


In USAC, Ford Focus No. 31 Garrett Peterson got the win. The invert put Keegan Walmer on the pole. In true competitive fashion Peterson took the lead on lap six and never looked back.


Walmer came in second, Cody Thompson was third, Cody Gerhardt was fourth and Dennis Simunovich came in fifth.


The USAC Young Guns race didn't fare too well. Courtney Atkinson was hurt after the heat race and didn't start. On turn two of the first lap Keegan Walmer lost his brakes and got in to Brandon White.


The safety crew had to separate the cars. Meanwhile, Cody Thompson kept circling the track. Both Walmer and White exited the track after the accident leaving Thompson to get the win.


"It feels good. I'll take the win,” Thompson said. “It's my first win for the Focus Midgets."


It was another great night of open-wheel racing at All American Speedway.


Next Saturday, All American Speedway will feature the NASCAR Late Model Championship race No. 6 with two Magnum 44 races.  Also racing will be Modified, Street Stock, Bomber and S2.



1. No. 21 Luis Ramos III

2. No. 56 Tony Hunt

3. No. 77 Audra Sasselli

4. No. 50 Tim Skoglund

5. No. 93. Jerry Kobza

6. No. 14 Scott Plerovich

7. No. 15 Tanner Swanson

8. No. 50x Don Emory

9. No. 5 Shauna Hogg

10. No. 94 Gordon Rogers

11. No. 3 JoJo Heiberg

12. No. 68 Marvin Mitchell

13. No. 15x Rick Craushar

14. No. 11 Dave Duncan



1. No. 22 Jeremy Wood

2. No. 42 Stanislov Osterlund

3. No. 99 Donny Darter

5. No. 4 Frankie Marks

6. No. 2 Willy Davis

7. No. 49 Jack Humphrey

8. No. 58 Fred Clement

9. No. 88 Jimmy Walker

10. No. 71 Jim Mrozinski

11. No. 8 Keith Clement

12. No. 48 Darren Rogers

13. No. 63 Cody Berger

14. No. 25 Greg Baxter



1. No. 31 Garrett Peterson

2. No. 24 Keegan Walmer

3. No. 8 Cody Thompson

4. No. 40 Cody Gerhardt

5. No. 5 Dennis Simunovich

6. No. 60 Tim Skoglund

7. No. 9 Bobby Runyon, Jr.

8. No. 44 Jessica Clark

9. No. 26 Connor Kassik

10. No. 39 Kyle Edwards

11. No. 74 J.R. Williams

12. No. 3 Courtney Atkinson

13. No. 42 James Krzysik



1. 8 Cody Thompson

2. No. 11 Brandon White

3. No. 24 Keegan Walmer