Rain, rain go away

By: Jim Linsdau News Messenger/Placer Herald Sports Editor
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This was the first weekend I felt bad because it didn’t rain on Saturday. I felt that way because Lincoln Little League was forced to cancel its annual parade and opening ceremonies due to the weather forecast for that day – a forecast that didn’t happen. The Lincoln Girls Softball Association was also disheartened. They were to be in the parade as well. Those disappointed in the cancellation felt even greater angst when the gloomy, gray clouds that covered the area hung around all day and didn’t drop even an ounce of rain. The parade could have happened, as well as the opening day ceremonies, but the LLL Board had made its decision to cancel; and I must say it was the right one. Running Little League, regardless of where, is a big, big job. I often marvel at the tremendous job these boards do, and they’re all volunteers. In fact, when they run short on volunteers, some of them take on two or more jobs to fill the vacancies. They do this so the boys and girls who participate in baseball and softball can have an experience that will last a lifetime. Lousy weather is the bane of both baseball and softball. It isn’t a sport that can be moved indoors (except for the big leagues) so both practices and games happen outdoors. And conditions have to be good even if it isn’t raining. A wet and muddy field means a wet and muddy ball and that’s a game that can be dangerous as well as difficult. These boards, and volunteer officials, have to err on the side of caution. It is mandatory. The Lincoln Little League Board is likely as disappointed about not being able to stage the parade and opening ceremonies as anyone; like my daughter who thought she might get to be one of the parade’s judges. She was really looking forward to that. But predicting when it might rain has to be left to the experts, who probably get it right about half the time. It has to be a frustrating profession. Little League boards have little choice but to follow their advice and act accordingly. In truth, they could not do otherwise. It wouldn’t be the first time we were disappointed by the weather, and it won’t be the last. But what will put all of this behind us are the games yet to be played, and virtually all of us want those to happen. Sure, we need the water, but it could rain at night. It did the night after the parade was cancelled. Perhaps that was just Mother Nature’s way of needling us. OK, Ms. Nature, you’ve had your fun; now let us have ours. Shine down on our ballgames and make possible what all those volunteers work so hard for. Surely, it can’t be too much to ask, now that you’ve spoiled our parade and what could have been a very special day.