Quit whining about the wineries

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A small group on disgruntled NIMBYs (not in my back yard) thinks wineries are the source of all evil. With a strong emphasis on Placer grown and local agriculture I believe they are in a very small minority. I would think private citizens with their own money and time and private property should be encouraged. They are making, often times, barren land into productive land, providing employment and much needed tax income. I don?t believe the average citizen, rural or otherwise, thinks of wineries as party palaces with raging loud music. Each case should be reviewed one at a time, just like any other planning process. Local grange halls have weddings, anniversaries and parties all the time. I don?t believe that has upset the local applecart. So let?s encourage responsible growth with a good quality, locally grown product. I can?t wait for a big Placer County wine festival. I will help get the taste of mandarins out of my mouth from the Mandarin Festival. Very nice balance. See you at the wine booth! If the NIMBYS want to provide jobs, then please tell me where to get an application! Cheers. Bruce LaVergne, Auburn