Question for Lincoln Crossing management

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My wife and I have been residents of Lincoln Crossing since its inception in 2004. We have paid our monthly dues every single month, on a timely basis, without interruption. We have never ever considered foreclosure. Why then are we current homeowners being penalized for the housing market meltdown? Your recent correspondence states that monthly dues will be increasing to $118.00 due to loss of income from foreclosed properties. You cite savings in all other categories except resident dues. You state that you have 1.2 million in accumulated reserve funds. Why do you not shoulder some of the responsibility for the housing market crisis? After all, you have culpability in creating the crisis by taking advantage of and even encouraging the obviously inflated sales prices of the homes in our community in the first place. I would venture to say that not one Lincoln Crossing homeowner has any equity in our homes. Unless someone was fortunate to have $500,000 cash in their pockets in 2004-2006, every one of us is upside down. Our most recent tax statement puts our $524,000 purchase at a value of only $335,000. We couldn’t sell even if we wanted. But, many of us are taking the highroad as opposed to walking away, even though there are now some highly reputable real estate advisors who are suggesting that we should do just that. I know $3 per month is very small but it is the principle. Your actions to increase the monthly dues is just another slap in the face. Think about it. Please reconsider your actions with these thoughts in mind. Bill and Pamela Plumb, Lincoln