Qualifications, in candidates’ words, on why they deserve your vote

By: Patty McAlpin, Reporter
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Voters have five days left to decide who to choose to represent them on the Lincoln City Council.

The names of nine candidates running for three seats will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot. They are incumbent Mayor Spencer Short, incumbent Councilman Paul Joiner, Christine Colvin, Dan Cross, Allen Cuenca, David Kawas, Peter Gilbert, Scott Glaser and Candi Schipper.

The Lincoln News Messenger asked the candidates what qualifications each has to best represent Lincoln. Their answers follow, with the exception of David Kawas and Scott Glaser. Kawas and Glaser didn’t respond to The  News Messenger request for their qualifications.


Christine Colvin:

- Owner of Commercial Construction Cleanup. Territory includes California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

- Appointed to the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Committee Jan. 25, 2011 and 2012 committee chairwoman

“I own a business so I know to never jump into anything without looking at all the possible effects. In business, you have to financially plan for the future. I was prepared for the downtown in the housing market and am still in business.”


Allen Cuenca:

- Senior buyer in the materials/planning group for Applimotion Inc.

- Eight years on the Lincoln Planning Commissioner

- Neighborhood Watch captain for 200 homes for the last 11 years.

- Founding committee member for Lincoln Community Foundation

- Eleven years of continuous community involvement with various groups.

-  Bachelor’s degree in finance from California State University, Hayward

- Lincoln Boy Scout Troop 160 current committee chair and Lincoln Cub Scout Troop 160 past cub master

- M.B.A. in technology management, from the University of Phoenix, Santa Clara

“I possess a conservative common-sense approach to governmental issues. I have a sincere desire to see Lincoln succeed.”


Dan Cross

- Sales manager at Gladding, McBean

- More than 20 years of business management experience with more than 18 years of financial planning and analysis experience.

- Ten years on the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce, two years as president

- Served on three nonprofit organization’s board of directors

- Eleven years on the Lincoln Planning Commission

“My time on the Planning Commission has allowed me to understand how the business of local government in Lincoln actually operates.”


Peter Gilbert

- Retired Wells Fargo senior vice president

- Foster City Councilman - Filled an unexpired term due to a recall election from June 7, 1977 to March 14, 1978. Served a four-year term from March 14, 1978 to April 20, 1982,

- 2005-2006 Placer County grand jury member

- President of the Lincoln Hills Community Association Board of Directors 2009 to 2012. Dues were lowered from $105 in 2011 to $104 in 2012.

- Former chairman and member of San Mateo County Criminal Justice Committee – 10 years

- President of League of California Cities Peninsula Division representing 36 cities in San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

“I participated as a founding executive member in three Internet start-ups. I approach issues from a collaborative perspective encouraging maximum input from all to find the very best solution.”


Paul Joiner

- Owner of Joiner Graphics

- Lincoln City Councilman and former mayor. Elected in 2008.

- Served on the Lincoln Planning Commission from 2006 to 2008.

- Served on the Design Review Board, Placer County Economic Development Board (vice

chairman-elect) and the Placer County Flood Control Board (past chairman).

- Community involvement includes Lincoln Rotary, Lincoln Fish n’ Kids Fishing Derby, Police Activities League and Lincoln Community Foundation. 

“I have a long history of investment and involvement in making and keeping Lincoln the safe, prosperous community we all love. I hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration and make fair, carefully analyzed, common-sense decisions for Lincoln’s future.”


Candi Schipper

- IT support analyst

- Began building computers with her father at 16

- Past PTA president of Mariposa Elementary School

“My real-world experience provides me with necessary tools to serve as a council member for the city of Lincoln. From modest beginnings, I’ve worked toward my goal to build a successful career in the IT field and balance motherhood as a single parent while staying involved in community functions and fundraisers. I ran a successful small business from my home. I have been a proud Lincolnite since 2008 and have a vested interest in our community as a whole with valid and necessary input to contribute from our point of view – the view of everyday citizens of Lincoln.”



Spencer Short

- Licensed attorney and real estate broker

- 35-year Lincoln resident and business owner

- Current Lincoln mayor

- Sixteen years on the Lincoln City Council, mayor 2004 and 2008, city treasurer 1996 to 2000

“I have found ways to solve city issues for the best interest of the community. I have kept water, sewer and solid waste rates low for Lincoln’s citizens and businesses. My business is solving problems for people and businesses. I understand the needs of our citizens and local business as indicated by my endorsements. I have the support of public safety, businesses and community leaders.”