Q and A with your council candidates

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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On Tuesday, Lincoln voters will choose which of six candidates will be the two new City Council members. Running for office are Reid Barney, Jeff Greenberg, Gabriel Hydrick, Stan Nader, Richard Pearl and incumbent Linda Stackpoole. The News Messenger asked each the same three questions: 1. What is your stance on Measure K? 2. What are you going to bring to City Council, if elected? 3. What is your No. 1 priority, if elected? Reid Barney 1. No. People of Lincoln have given enough. So many are suffering economically and I haven’t seen the city give anything back. 2. I bring real world business and human resource experience that will help us to balance the budget. My bachelor’s degree in business management and master’s in human resources, coupled with my work experience in management, gives me a unique perspective that is different from any of the current members of the council and the other candidates. 3. I have done my homework and reviewed the budget. The city’s biggest expense is in salaries and wages. I have compared many of the managers and employee wages with other cities in California and with several major cities across the nation. I can honestly say that our city has too many managers and wages are high. My priorities will be to consolidate departments and to cut salaries and benefits to levels that would be typical of a city like Lincoln. Jeff Greenberg 1. No. Measure K was poorly researched, brought to the City Council with no time for the council members to do their research. It was improperly worded by staff. 2. A passion for the city. I will not vote yes on items that I don’t like and I will not be bullied into making decisions that are not good for the residents of Lincoln. 3. Will be to find money to keep our policemen from leaving. That’s the No. 1 priority. To keep public safety intact. Gabriel Hydrick 1. I do not support Measure K. 2. My greatest strength is assiduous, pro-active and creative problem solving. 3. Restore citizens’ confidence in city government by giving the government back to the people, responding to citizens’ ideas, concepts and concerns, making decisions founded upon Lincoln’s limitations and opportunities, principle and common sense, and start living within our means. Stan Nader 1. I am voting against Measure K because I do not believe the city has made the sacrifices by reducing salaries and benefits before asking the voters for more money. The measure was poorly written and the "education" of the voters was mismanaged. 2. I bring leadership and the ability to get things done as I demonstrated by my involvement to the community. I have developed the relationships with other decision makers that are needed to get the work of the city done. 3. My top priority for the city is developing fiscal sustainability in the city and living within our means. We also need to make the city more business friendly and the city needs to become more aggressive about attracting business to Lincoln. Richard Pearl 1. My one vote will go to support it. 2. Government financial experience based on advising scores of communities across the state and country on costs, revenues, and operations management; business experience gained from managing a $7 million consulting organization; practical knowledge of what makes good cities work; and access to a network of local government contacts throughout the state to explore solutions. 3. Stabilizing the city’s financial structure. Difficult decisions will have to be made about service levels whether Measure K passes or fails. Linda Stackpoole 1. Measure K will be decided by the voters of Lincoln. I support Measure K. Measure K funding will be used to maintain levels of services in police and fire. Without Measure K funding, the city will be required to match General Fund revenues to General Fund expenditures. Those General Fund revenues have been reduced from over $16 million three years ago to just over $12 million today. Eliminating parks, recreation and libraries will not balance our budget in the General Fund and further reductions to police and fire services will occur. 2. Prior to serving these last four years on the City Council, I served as the elected city clerk. I am committed to serving for the betterment of my community. I am qualified and experienced, honest, straightforward and I will continue to vote my conscious. 3. Obviously, sustaining service levels within the General Fund and still balancing our budget is my No. 1 priority. I also want to work to get a second water supply to our community and want to pursue purchasing and providing services regionally if it is more cost effective and more efficient to do so.