Put a stop to Teichert

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To the editor, City Council and Lincoln citizens:

Almost 15 years ago, Placer County approved a 1,000-acre Teichert strip mine project just north of Lincoln, in our projected sphere of influence. The permit has won extension after extension.

Teichert wants another one.

Our City Council should rise up and say, “NO!”


Because all of the strip mine’s negative impacts will hurt Lincoln: groundwater depletion, groundwater degradation, air pollution, noise pollution and big rig gravel truck traffic.

Wait! What was that about big rig gravel trucks? Where? How many?

Three-hundred-and-sixty trucks a day!

Yes, Lincoln.

Three-hundred-and-sixty trucks leaving the plant on a busy day, driving right through the heart of Lincoln. Right through our plans for a friendly business atmosphere on Lincoln Boulevard.

Furthermore, Lincoln citizens should be outraged that Lincoln – the city that will bear the brunt of all the negative impacts – was not even informed of the Planning Commission hearing on renewal of this strip mine project! Neither was the Regional Water Quality Control Board notified, even though this is the agency that would oversee water protection issues for the project as it impacts the aquifer resource for Lincoln’s wells. A recent comment from the Regional Water Quality Control Board states that mining impacts on groundwater flow aren’t known and will depend on “how deep and how hard they pull water out of the pits.”

If these negative impacts were scheduled to impact Roseville or Auburn, would they have been notified? You can bet on it. And not only would they have been notified, you can bet that an update of the EIR would surely be required, with current and relevant information and statistics. Records of this permit process extend back to the year 1995! Why should Lincoln’s future depend on an outdated environmental impact report?

After unexpected exposure, followed by protest, the Planning Commission meeting was cancelled “due to a noticing issue.” It has been rescheduled for March 28 at 10 a.m.

Call your City Council. Or better yet, stick up for Lincoln and be there!

Jane Tahti, Lincoln