Put show at McBean Park

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I was in total disbelief after reading Ms. Feineman’s editorial in last week’s paper. Obviously, she has no clue as to the production of an event such as “America’s Clay Fest.” The size of the venue, the quality of lighting, display pedestals, public access, parking and the list goes on.

For your narrow-minded information Ms. F, nobody has worked harder than the directors of the Art League to secure such a venue within the city of Lincoln, of which there are none. Those explored were either too small, not accessible seven days a week or in a unaffordable state of repair. At least your reporter Ms. Percy had a clear understanding of this!

There is presently one and only one venue in Lincoln that could support such a show and that is McBean Park. May I suggest to you and the City Council that if you ever want to see the return of “America’s Clay Fest” to Lincoln, the use of McBean Park, at an affordable rate, for a designated period, is a must. Without these concessions it will be gone from Lincoln forever!

Incidentally, Ms. F your childish lack of knowledgeable facts should demand an immediate apology to the directors of the Art League.

R. Blackford, Lincoln