Public must step up for Library

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I’d like to congratulate Stephanie Dumm for her coverage (News Messenger, Page A1, Feb. 11) of the joint Library Advisory Board and Library Advisory Committee’s Feb. 3 meeting. She hit everything spot on but I’m not sure if it is clear that the Carnegie Library was to be closed – unless the public steps up (again) to continue library services to “downtown clients.” “Downtown clients,” which include high-school students, residents and merchants of historic and western Lincoln, will be disenfranchised of library services – which are social, educational, and recreational. I rate libraries with schools, the most important public services provided below security and fire protection. At the meeting, it was mentioned that the Carnegie could be run for $90,000 a year. The public can step up and provide monetary support for the Carnegie Library and the Friends of the Lincoln Library is willing to coordinate the effort. Donations made to the Friends are tax deductible (, it may not be clear that the Twelve Bridges Library is facing an additional cut of $125,000 or more. This library was, and is still, expected to serve the city of Lincoln, a Twelve Bridges High School and a branch campus of Sierra College. The library opened below the staff level expected for opening, and that amount of staff and monetary support has been cut both by the present economic turndown and by the inability of the college to provide its share of funding. The Twelve Bridges clientele keeps growing. Despite being closed part of the month for holidays, December 2009 saw more patrons enter the doors than in any previous month. And although the integrated library system cannot yet categorize the patrons by origin (high school, whether local merchants or resident, or not), I note that both patrons in the Feb. 11 article were both from Rocklin! David Anderson, Lincoln Library Advisory Board member, Lincoln