Propane tanker car has yet to be moved

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The charred propane tank car involved in the Aug. 23-24 fire has not been moved from its current location near Nicolaus and J Streets. Lincoln Fire Chief Dave Whitt said Tuesday there is “no update” on when the tank car will be moved. “It’s not the city’s business if the tanker sits there,” Whitt said. “The only time it becomes an issue is if the tank becomes a hazard. Right now, it’s pretty innocuous.” The propane tank car caught fire on Aug. 23, causing the evacuation of 4,800 homes and businesses in downtown Lincoln until midnight on Aug. 25, according to previous News Messenger reports. The tank car is owned by Union Tank Car Company, which will conduct an forensic investigation on the tank car and valving when the tank car is moved to another location, according to previous News Messenger reports. The Federal Railroad Administration will witness the investigation, according to previous News Messenger reports. “Pending FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) approval for a ‘one time movement,’ the car will be transported to a location where the parties can perform a forensic analysis,” said Warren Flatau, the Federal Railroad Administration spokes-man. “Our expectation is that the request will be submitted in the not-too-distant future.” Flatau said an approval to move the car is needed, “because that’s what the regulations require.” “When you have damaged equipment as a result of an accident, we need to make sure it can be moved safely and not kill or hurt engineers,” Flatau said. ~ Stephanie Dumm