Pro skating could be Brent Bell’s future

Lincoln High junior does well in Maloof Road Tour competition
By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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A career involving skateboarding could be in the works for one Lincoln teenager, in more ways than one. Brent Bell, 17, achieved second place July 9 during the Maloof Road Tour, which was hosted by Epic Skate Park in Rocklin. Bell, a Lincoln High School junior said he has been skateboarding for two years, first at Lincoln’s skate park and now “just about every day” at Epic. “I saw my friends doing it and liked it a bunch,” Bell said. During the Maloof Road Tour, Bell placed second during the best line contest, which he explained as “doing my best three tricks in a row.” His best three tricks were “back tail” down to “tre flip” to a “fakie full cab,” done in a street environment and not on a ramp. “I like to do more rail tricks. I like skating rails and stairs,” Bell said. Bell said he practiced “as much as I could” for the competition. “I think it was a big challenge for me, but in my eyes, I think it was probably one of the funnest competitions I did,” Bell said. “It was competitive and tested my skill, and showed that I have high skateboarding skill.” The Lincoln High junior is also an Epic Skateparks’ team member, according to skate park owner Jan Killingsworth. Even though he hopes to be a professional skateboarder, Bell said, he still wants to attend college. “I have plans to go to college. Just in case if I get hurt, I have a back-up plan,” Bell said. “My goal is to turn pro and make skateboarding a career and make money but everyone has to have a back-up plan.” The News Messenger asked Bell what he plans to study. “I would like to go to college and get my degree, with a bachelor’s in construction and sales representation,” Bell said. “Probably construction to build skate parks.” Killingsworth expressed pride in Bell’s win. “Brent won against much older kids,” Killingsworth said. Bell enjoyed performing his tricks for a crowd. “I can’t really explain it. It was just fun overall. The fans that came out, after every trick I landed, they were going crazy over them and gave me a lot of motivation,” Bell said. “I skated for all of the kids and tried my hardest to give everyone a good show.” Killingsworth said Bell is one of 10 youth on Epic’s team, which is sponsored by the skate park. “We provide them with the competition entry fee and they come in every night to have two-hour private sessions with the team leader,” Killingsworth said. Bell also placed third in a recent AMJAM competition and his teammate Joey Kitchens, 8, of Lincoln placed first. “I think they should keep practicing because they have the ability to become pros if they keep working at it,” Killingsworth said. Joey talked about why they like skateboarding. “What I like about skateboarding is being with friends and learning new tricks,” Joey said.