Positive leadership for Lincoln needed

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Few residents have heard of Charles Lincoln Wilson, a director of the mid-nineteenth century California Central Railroad, whose middle name was given to our city in 1890. Fewer yet may know that we have grown to become a 21st-century city of 43,000 residents, with facilities, including a regional airport, having an astounding net asset value approximating one-half of a billion dollars. Our City Council and a remarkably small staff of about 180 has helped build a municipality to be proud of: the fastest-growing city in the country in the period 2000 to 2006; designated All America City in the 2006 national competition. Now, in the aftermath of the 2007 national recession, after by law, having given up over $2 million to the state, and after enduring plummeting property and sales tax revenues, our city needs knowledgeable leadership to help guide us back toward the path of planned growth and development. Unfortunately, at a time calling for mutual cooperation and joint efforts, our city leadership has been attacked by a political campaign designed to sow doubt and distrust, as though the way to gain credibility for oneself is to diminish your competitor. We can reject this nonsensical, destructive form of politics by supporting candidates who offer a reasoned and positive vision for our city. Richard Pearl knows the structure and function of California cities. He will bring to the council his considerable knowledge and insight and we all will benefit from his informed leadership. Sheldon M. Ebenholtz, Lincoln