Politics, religion and granola

Life outside your window column
By: Elaine Jo Giamona Special to The News Messenger
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I spent time recently with a compassionate and fascinating group of people. From different backgrounds. Yet they shared similar viewpoints when it came to human rights, modern society, art and education. The six people I met for the first time were mostly seniors; some were retired. One attorney, one retired attorney, one retired judge, one employee of a large corporation, one restaurant owner and a city contractor. It was after a delicious dinner together that the subject of politics came up. The subject of religion never did come up. It wasn’t necessary. Sunday morning, a few of us put together a fabulous brunch for eight, while listening to old-time gospel hymns. As we worked, the aroma of homemade granola baking in the oven filled the house with the tantalizing scent of cinnamon. (I took home a private stash of granola and I’m almost out. Waiting for the secret recipe to arrive.) The message I came away with is this: Everyone needs to vote this year. Vote and convince others to vote because this election may just be the most important one in your lifetime. Your vote elects City Council members, who make local law and influence the county laws. You have three opportunities to attend a City Council public forum in October. The forums provide contenders with a place to talk their talk. Plan to attend one. Your vote elects local officials, who determine our city’s laws and regulations. Your vote elects California State officials, who vote in Washington, D.C. and make our nation’s laws. These are precarious times. Our country is engaged in three wars. We have not seen this magnitude of economic and social problems since the Great Depression. Political opinion has not been this divided since the Civil Rights era. Even the Supreme Court, our highest court, is often divided in its decisions, 5-4. When a vacancy occurs in the Supreme Court, a replacement justice will be appointed by the president, subject to Senate confirmation. Our elected officials need our support in choosing the direction our nation will take. The choices made will directly affect each of us, for years into the future. Vote Republican: To support continued subsidies for oil companies and mega corporations. To support the belief that a woman’s decisions about her body should be monitored and controlled by the state. To support the overturning of Rowe v. Wade by the Supreme Court. To support the idea that healthcare is not a basic human right. To support abolishing the Healthcare Reform Act of 2010. To support the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United that “corporations are people.” Vote Democrat: To support higher tax rates and lower subsidies for oil companies and mega corporations. To support a woman’s right to make choices affecting her body and her life. To support the Supreme Court’s decision in Rowe v. Wade. To support the idea that healthcare is a basic human right. To support upholding the Healthcare Reform Act of 2010 by the Supreme Court. To support overturning the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United because you do not support the ruling that “corporations are people.” Just vote. Elaine Jo Giamona is a Soroptimist International of Lincoln charter member and McCoy Real Estate and Property Management owner/broker. She is creator and administrator of two Facebook groups, Lincoln Nonprofit Coalition and Lincoln Thank Tank. Comments are welcome at or online at This column may or may not necessarily express the opinions of The Lincoln News Messenger.