Police chief says Joiner for council

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Strong leadership is the key to the success of our community. In addition to a clear vision and commitment for the city, our leaders must be fully invested in our community, care about our city employees, residents and those who visit. Our leaders must be strong, be able to face the criticism and negativity from those who want to change our community just for the sake of change. They must act in the best interest of our community as a whole and face the challenges. They must not succumb to the personal will of the few, who publicly attempt to force their own agenda on the community. Our leaders must stand up to personal attacks of false accusations, misrepresentations, intimidation and blatant deceit by those who seek to discredit our leaders in order to advance their personal agendas. Our leaders must display the character, honor and integrity to face these challenges and oppositions and make the difficult decisions because it’s the right thing to do for our community and nothing else. Very few people fit this profile and display the characteristics necessary to be a true leader of our community and to serve the people as a member of our City Council. Paul Joiner is one of the few who does. Well beyond these past four years as a City Council person, Paul has displayed these qualities in his daily life. His service and commitment as a City Council member has had a direct impact on placing our city on the road to recovery. In the next four years, he will continue to help lead our city into prosperity. I place my trust, my confidence and support in Paul Joiner. Without reservation, I can say it is in the best interest of the city of Lincoln and our community for Paul Joiner to continue his service of leadership of our community as a City Council member. Paul Shelgren, Lincoln chief of police