Plenty of Bay Area folks are hunters, too

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After reading Rob Barringer Jr.'s letter I agree with him on Kim's place, however his remark about people on the hill and Bay Area is uncalled for. I am from the Bay Area and have hunted and fished along with many of my Bay Area friends throughout North America including Mexico, British Columbia and Alaska, over the years my family and friends have enjoyed many enjoyable and healthy meals from my endeavors. We had a mule tail buck mounted on one wall in our recreation room for years were many dinners and actives were held, not one of our Bay Area friends were offended. In fact, he became an icon in our family, along with interesting hunting and fishing stories and yes, we had many venison dinners as it is a very healthy lean meat. Anyone who is appalled about eating venison, would you rather pass the lamb chops or perhaps the veal scaloppini. Bill Jensen, Lincoln