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Ask George” Expert Answers to Common DMV Questions
By: By George Valverde – Director, California Department of Motor Vehicles
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Do you have questions about general driving related requirements like registration and insurance? Are you unclear about laws and restrictions related to driving? The California Department of Motor Vehicles has answers. Save Time. Go Online at    


Q:  I was cited not too long ago for running a red light, but I live too far away to appear in court.  I know I can plead guilty and just pay the citation.  Can I do that on the DMV website?


A: Yes, the DMV website has a link enabling you to pay your ticket online.  Simply go to and scroll down to the Traffic Payment link where you can type in your information and pay your citation.  


Q: I paid my registration fees before the due date but shortly after I received the tags, I sold my vehicle.  Can I get a refund of the registration fees?

            A: No, the vehicle is considered to be a currently registered vehicle and becomes a matter of negotiation between the buyer and seller.  DMV may only refund fees that are excessive, assessed in error, or not legally due as provided under Vehicle Code Section 42231.  For more information regarding refunds, please visit our website at

Q: I’ve been working on my dad’s old motorcycle and will soon try to get my motorcycle license. Is there some type of class I can take to learn the basics?


A: Thank you for your question. First of all you should download and read the Motorcycle Handbook- The handbook will inform you about the rules of the road and safety tips when riding a motorcycle.


I would also recommend that you enroll in a Basic Rider Course offered by the California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP). The course offers hands-on motorcycle skill training for novice and returning riders. CMSP has trained thousands of riders over the past several years. The DMV motorcycle skills test is waived upon completion and submission of the Basic Rider Course. For more information about a course near your area contact the CMSP at 1-877-RIDE-411.


The DMV is a department under the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, which is under the direction of Acting Undersecretary Traci Stevens. The DMV licenses drivers, maintains driving records, registers and tracks official ownership of vehicles and vessels, investigates auto and identity-related fraud, and licenses car dealers, driving schools, and traffic violator schools. For more information about the DMV, visit