Placer Pond goes beyond the normal service call

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Small businesses survive for a reason. They are exceptional.

We want to tell you about a business in your local town that surpassed all of our dreams:  Placer Ponds.  We are from central California and asked who would be the ones we needed for repair of my sister’s pond in Newcastle.  Everyone said “Placer Ponds.”  We hired them to fix my sis and hubby’s pond and add a waterfall for my brother-in-law, David. 

You see, David has cancer that is now in stage 4, in his bones and all he wanted was to look out at his pond with his wife.  We called Placer Ponds and it was done and was more than we could ever have expected.

My sis and her hubby, Dave, sit out every night looking at that beautiful pond.  I expect they will be able to do this for every remaining day of his life.  How do we thank Placer Ponds for what they have done for my beautiful sister and the brother-in-law who is so amazing that we are going to lose? Thank you, Placer Ponds, for the irreplaceable last memories of one of your long residing residents.

Kathy and John Weber, Newcastle