Placer County animal rescue to welcome felines saved from Superstorm Sandy

Cats make cross-country trek, land at Sacramento International Airport Wednesday night
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A long distance animal rescue effort will take place at 7:50 p.m. Wednesday when cats orphaned by Superstorm Sandy arrive at the Sacramento International Airport to begin a new life.  
The seven felines will be welcomed at Terminal B by volunteers from FieldHaven Feline Rescue of Lincoln, RedRover of Sacramento and the volunteer foster families who will care for the animals until permanent homes are found. The effort was launched after FieldHaven co-founder and New Jersey native Joy Smith’s family member died in Superstorm Sandy – leaving two cats homeless and lost in the devastation.  
“We knew we needed to rescue the two orphaned cats, but we also knew that there were countless pets left stranded in the wake of Sandy – putting an enormous strain on all shelters in the Northeast region,” Smith, co-founder of FieldHaven Feline Rescue said in a statement. “FieldHaven serves as an emergency shelter in Placer County when needed so we knew from experience how overwhelming the sudden influx of traumatized animals can be for the rescuers. We had to find a way to help, so we reached out to the rescue folks in the trenches to identify seven cats we could fly to California to start a new life.”
This rescue is being made possible by a network of rescue organizations working together. Shore Area Volunteer Enterprise (S.A.V.E.) volunteers waded through the devastation to locate and rescue countless pets in the aftermath of the storm. RedRover – an organization dedicated to helping animals in crisis – made an emergency grant to cover air transport costs. St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center  in Madison, N.J. – a leader in the effort to rescue animals in New Jersey – donated seven airline approved cat carriers.  And FieldHaven Feline Rescue is organizing staff and foster families to care for these furry refugees until they are adopted in a loving home. 
The cats names are Amy, Buttons, Cuddles, Hanna, Sammi, Smokey and Blackie.