Peter Gilbert has been good for Lincoln Hills

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I have known Peter Gilbert for more than eight years.

In that period of time, I have found Peter to exhibit the attributes of perseverance, integrity and focus and he is a genuine leader.

His successful experience with city operations through his positions as mayor and councilman in Foster City is an example of successfully managing challenging growth and fiscal opportunities. We require that type of “hands on” experience here in Lincoln.

His tenure as the president and board member of the homeowners association at Sun City is another success story. Our homeowners association began a positive “turnaround” when Peter was elected to the board of directors and then flourished when Peter was elected president of the association. His financial and planning template for Sun City solved the current issues we had and he put in place a plan for the future that we are reaping the benefits from now as a result of Peter’s foresight.

This is the exact experience and the knowledge we need now for Lincoln! Peter can get Lincoln back on track. He’s done it before and he can do it for us! We need Peter Gilbert for Lincoln!  

David Kaufman, Lincoln