Paul Joiner should retain his City Council seat

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I know that this is election time and that, typically, we as voting citizens expect to see a variety of rhetoric from candidates and at times questionable comments from some people made on behalf of their chosen candidate.

 However, I am appalled and disgusted with the recent lengths that a couple of unqualified Lincoln City Council candidates have stooped to through their emissaries to disparage Councilman Paul Joiner.

It seems like it’s OK to throw any kind of mud just to see if anything will stick - a true sign of desperate and unqualified candidates.

I have personally worked extensively in the past with Paul Joiner with various youth events in the Lincoln community through the Lincoln Police Activities League and Lincoln Kiwanis. I have also watched his professional conduct and his commitment to this community as he participated in making the tough choices to help bring our community to fiscal solvency.

As a retired law enforcement administrator, I know that Mr. Joiner supports public safety. I believe that Mr. Joiner is a man of integrity truly sincerely cares about our Lincoln community and deserves to be re-elected.

Don Moura, Lincoln