Paul Joiner’s vision for future impressive

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Unfortunately, I live in the unincorporated area of Lincoln and cannot participate in the city elections. But if I could, I would strongly endorse Paul Joiner for another term on our City Council.

I have known Paul for several years through a mutual service group and have always considered him to be a man of high standards and principles, extremely fair and ethical, and definitely sincere in his love of this city. Earlier this week, my husband and I did attend a greet-and-meet with Paul.

Even though we cannot vote and we did already know him on a personal level we were interested to really talk to him about his views on where the city is now and what his vision is for the future. I cannot state how impressed we both were.

I urge everyone to take the opportunity to meet Paul and listen to his thoughts. Ask him questions – he is very forthcoming and, I think, very honest.

I believe the city of Lincoln would be fortunate to have another four years of his leadership.

Harriet Garland, Lincoln