Participation helps kids

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We wanted to thank and give credit to the many who continue to participate and make possible the wonderful experience we are having with the terrific kids at Phoenix High School teaching a ceramics arts class.

Our friends, clay mates and neighbors immediately responded to our request for donations of clay, tools, glazes and anything else we needed to make the class happen, and so it is. 

The Ceramic Arts Group of Sun City has amongst its members some of the most generous people you will ever meet. Also thank you to The Lincoln News Messenger for continued support of Phoenix and its dedicated staff.

When the e-mail went out through the Art League of Lincoln a couple of months ago, we responded, not knowing what we could really do but since the mission of the Art League is to foster art, all types of art, in the community, we wanted to contribute whatever we could and so it began.

We began with a class of six great kids and we are hooked!

The kids are enthusiastic, creative and fun to be with. They participate eagerly and are more than grateful for the time we spend with them, the introduction of art into their lives and the opportunity to prove themselves.

We encourage anyone to volunteer and to share your knowledge with these young people. It is time well spent!

We will be showing the work of these young artists soon so please watch the paper for the announcement.


Sherri Melchner and Linda Moon, Lincoln