Owners of Kim’s Country Kitchen speak out

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Ms. Caps, your assumption that we, Dennis and Kim, owners of Kim's Country Kitchen are slaughterers gives one the impression that we sneak out at night (with our mega guns) to shoot, butcher and hang animals in our restaurant. While you are entitled to your opinions, you personally have slandered us and our business. Hunting is something that each person has the right to participate in or not; it's their choice. It's our choice to preserve and display whatever we like in our restaurant and we strive to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy. Remember this next time you shop in Raley's in your fancy leather shoes and your Gucci handbag, keep in mind leather and hamburger comes from animals, too. So Bonnie, please keep your hard-earned money and your opinions where they belong, to yourself. Dennis and Kim Strong, owners of Kim's Country Kitchen, Lincoln