Over hill and dale

Bicycle column
By: By Vic Freeman Special to The News Messenger
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One of my favorite rides is in rural Lincoln north and east of town.

For the most part, there are no bike lanes. This ride is fairly flat with some parts in rolling foothills.

To begin this scenic ride, start at the McBean Park Pavilion and ride north on East Street from the park to Carlin Coppin School. Then turn right onto Virginiatown Road, proceed past the old landfill site and go past Hungry Hollow Road on Virginiatown Road.

From this point, the road begins to wind up into the foothills. For the next several miles, you will see many ranchettes with horses and grazing cattle and even some goats. Also notice the numerous homes scattered on the hillside, many with white fences to keep in the horses and cattle.

This is a very picturesque ride, to say the least.

When Virginiatown crosses Fowler Road, go left on Fowler for about 50 yards and then bear right on the continuation of Virginiatown Road. The next couple of miles take you through winding foothills with ranchettes and lots of trees.

When you reach Fowler Road, turn left and go about a mile to the fruit stand on Fruitvale Road. Here is a place to stop and take a drink and look over the produce at this on-your-honor type of business. There is always a choice of fruit and some veggies for sale as well as soft drinks. I have never seen a person working inside the fruit stand. There is a collection box for any items you purchase.

At this point, you have traveled 7.65 miles from McBean Park. Go west on Fruitvale Road past the old Fruitvale School and ride down to Hungry Hollow Road. Take a left turn and go back to Virginiatown Road. Take a right and go back to Carlin Coppin School at East Avenue. Turn left and proceed back to McBean Park where you started.

You have just completed a 14.4 mile ride through some very scenic country.

Until next time, enjoy the thrill of biking and keep safe out there.


Vic Freeman is a Lincoln resident and avid bicyclist.