Office of elections explains recall process

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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The process for recalling an elected official, including members of the City Council, involves a few steps. Ryan Ronco, assistant registrar of voters for the Placer County Office of Elections, gave The News Messenger some insight to the process for recalling City Council members. The first step is filing a notice of intention with the city’s elections official, which is city clerk Pat Avila. Ronco said the notice of intention is a “statement of 200 words or fewer” about why the recall is being requested, including the names of those to be recalled. The recall notice is forwarded to the Placer County Office of Elections, according to Ronco. The proponent of the recall is served with the notice, who then has an opportunity to respond to the recall. “Once you get past that process of notice and reponse, then it begins the process of collecting signatures on petitions to see if enough voters want the recall,” Ronco said. Twenty percent of Lincoln’s registered voters would need to sign the petiton, according to Ronco, and there are currently 24,155 registered voters in Lincoln. This means 4, 831 signatures would need to be collected. Those requesting the recall have 120 days to gather signatures, according to Ronco. The signed petitions would then be turned into the city clerk, who would contact the office of elections to verify if the number of signatures collected was sufficient. “The city, at a regular or special meeting, would announce whether the signature gathering effort was successful,” Ronco said. “Then an election would be called to be put forth to the entire jurisdiction.” Ronco would not give a price for the special election. He said the city could either hold their own election or contract election services out to the Placer County Office of Elections. “Cost can run anywhere from $2 to $3 per registered voter, all the way up to $8 or $9 per registered voter,” Ronco said. During the election, voters would have two decisions to make, according to Ronco. The ballot would ask the voter if they would like to recall each council member, and who they would like to replace those council members if they are recalled. “At the same election is an opportunity for people to run for City Council,” Ronco said.