Obama’s ‘master plan’

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I had to chuckle at Betty Norman’s Feb. 14 comments titled “Misplaced ‘news’ article” as I could understand her frustration.

The problem with what thinking people see happening in our country today, in my opinion, is that certain elements hungry for governmental power have found an unbeatable combination of attaining, and then remaining, in power.

What is it? Simple. Play Santa Claus and find favor with all who like getting “free” gifts. It’s not politically correct calling it what it really is, buying votes, but it certainly works as we have seen for five years now! However, as I tell my wife, this “unbeatable combination” will come to an end one day when the government starts going broke, inflation runs wild, jobs really disappear and people have no food on the table. At that point, people will ask, “What happened!”

Who knows, it could be President Obama and his wife’s master plan to get rid of obesity in America, as part of the president’s objective to “Fundamentally transform America.”

Jim Carnine, Lincoln