Now that job is done, fiscal sustainability committee disbands

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On April 19, the fiscal sustainability committee (FSC) met with the Lincoln City Council and delivered the mission critical recommendations for review and action. For those residents in attendance, Dan Karleskint’s recommendations on the enterprise fund, to franchise our solid waste, were both compelling and made the most sense for immediate help for the General Fund. We are all proud of our involvement with the FSC but in an 8-to-1 vote after 11 months of service, we desired as a committee to disband. This did not happen on April 19 so some members have sent in their resignations to the FSC chairman. My opinion is that we can now move forward and act as individuals with the knowledge we have gained. The fiscal sustainability committee has completed its work, delivered our report, voiced our recommendations and, as individuals, are now not bound by the Brown Act. Reviews and speeches on our presentation to any group is now an individual act and that is good. The message needs to be heard. Robert J. Perro Sr., Lincoln