Nonprofits: "The Lucky O"Learys" fortunate for Lincoln High School

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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The Lincoln Hills Players have collaborated with the Lincoln High School Booster Club to bring a play to Lincoln High School and raise money for the school?s clubs and sports teams. The Booster Club hopes to raise $2,000 through two performances of ?The Lucky O?Learys? in the school?s theater on July 28 and 29, according to Booster Club President Marilyn Courage. ?If we sold every ticket, then we would come close,? Courage said. ?That would mean filling 300 theater seats.? The Booster Club?s purpose is to raise money for yearly scholarships and to donate money to school clubs, organizations and sports teams, according to Courage. Lincoln Hills Players member Craig Stults asked Western Placer Unified School District board member Kris Wyatt to see what organization within the district could use help fundraising, according to Courage. She said Wyatt suggested the Booster Club. Courage has sent out a wish list request to organizations and sports teams at the high school to find out what they could use. ?So when we do go and spread the money amongst all of the organizations at the high school, we can get back to Craig and say how much we gave out and so they (Lincoln Hills Players) know where the money went,? Courage said. Items ?wished? for, according to Courage, include $800 worth of sheet music for the school choir, $1,200 to provide soccer balls for soccer teams, $500 for golf tournament fees, $500 for tennis uniforms, $500 for golf uniforms and band supplies, including $2,500 for hats, $1,500 for plumes and $500 for bleacher covers. The play, ?The Lucky O?Learys,? is a Lincoln Hills Players production and is directed by Paul Schechter. ?We know how short the various student activities and programs are for cash to support their programs and, as members of the community, we want to help out,? Schechter said regarding why the Lincoln Hills Players are performing the two benefit shows. ?The Lincoln Hills Players was created to provide theatrical entertainment for the community in Sun City and over the past several years have expanded in an effort to provide entertainment for the local Lincoln community.? A set for ?The Lucky O?Learys? is the O?Leary family?s home in New York City. ?The play is about a family in New York who are competing with each other for the grand prize in the New York State Lottery. The lottery is about to reach over $116 million,? Schechter said. ?It?s set in the late 1980s at a time when a lot of old apartment buildings in New York were made from apartments into condos. That is what generated the motivation on the part of one of the O?Learys to win. They needed to fund the purchase of their home.? Schechter described the play as being ?very, very funny,? with funny characters, including Peg O?Leary, who often ?gets her words jumbled up.? Courage said she has been in the audience for a play put on by The Lincoln Hills Players. ?They do a wonderful job. At the last one, we brought our freshmen son and he enjoyed it,? Courage said. ?They do put a lot of work and effort into plays and it would be sad if people didn?t experience and take part in coming out to see it. I do think they are trying to make it really special.? The Lincoln News Messenger profiles a nonprofit organization every week. If you would like to see an organization featured, please call 774-7967 or e-mail