No on tax, yes on cutting city executives’ salaries

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Believe it or not, this utility users’ tax is just the first nail in a very large coffin. How many people have not purchased a house in an area because of Mello-Roos bonds? This tax and bond style fundraisers will only keep property values declining and we have first- hand knowledge of the results of that ideology. I believe the city of Carmichael has a surplus, thanks to the city manager who would not endorse projects that were not long term. If the City Council wants the citizens to help get us out of this mess, here are the things they need to do: 1. Reduce city manager’s salary by 50 percent 2. Eliminate or reduce assistant manager salary by 40 percent. 3. Reduce salaries $100,000 by 20 percent, $80,000 by 15 percent, 60,000 by 10 percent, stop there. 4. Council and planning commission should be volunteer, at least until this situation is resolved. (I was a volunteer planning commissioner for eight years, before moving here, with no benefits.) 5. Do not spend $54,000 on a flyer to convince us you need more money to waste. It would also be good if government would stop threatening us by eliminating services they believe are most important to us so they can have their way. I believe, in November, we will get rid of the ideologs and the spenders in all parties. Larry Andrews, Lincoln