No on recall and instead vote at next election

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I have lived in Lincoln for 56 years. I spent eight years on the City Council and was the mayor for two of those eight years. I spent four years as the chairman of the Lincoln School District. I served as a city of Lincoln planning commissioner for over 25 years. When you are serving on the City Council or on any civic commission, you always believe that you are doing the very best thing for all the community at that time and that the decisions that you make are in the very best interests of all. Looking back through the years, you can see where mistakes were made. Recalls are very expensive and can leave the community split in half. Elections are not far off, and as a voting citizen, you can make your voice heard. It is senseless to spend around $135,000 for a recall vote just to satisfy the ego of one disgruntled citizen. (Councilman) Tom Cosgrove has worked tirelessly for the betterment of Lincoln. If it wasn’t for Cosgrove, the bypass would still be years away. I have never met anyone from Lincoln Hills, Twelve Bridges, Lincoln Crossings or old Lincoln who thought that they were other than “Lincolnites.” My message to all of Lincoln is don’t waste our precious tax money on a recall; $135,000 could pay the salary of two or three policemen of firemen. Why waste it on a recall? Get involved in your city, run for council, put your name on the list to help on city improvement projects, and above all, vote. Marshall Weir, Lincoln