No more cuts to police, fire

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It’s been a stressful and exhausting past few days for everyone ... I wanna thank the Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln Fire Department, and any other agency that battled this disaster in the making. Do you know how hard it is to plan for a multi-agency BBQ fundraiser, much less a “disaster” like this event could have been? These heroes did so with little time, initial limited resources (because their #’s are depleted due to City Stupidity,) all while risking their own lives in the process. These 2 departments need to be off limits for budget cuts, no more police or fire personnel should be cut like a has-been closer from the NL. This incident cemented how important these angels are to this community. Anymore cuts and our next fire will have us using our garden hoses. God Bless our local heroes and may every citizen in Lincoln give these brave men and women the respect they deserve. This was a great “pull together” moment for this city. Keep it up and we could save this city from itself. ANGELO ANDRIANI JR., Lincoln