Nielsen needs your vote

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On Jan. 8, Jim Nielsen will be on a special election ballot for the State Senate seat in District 4, which covers parts of Auburn and the west Placer County area of Rocklin and Lincoln.

I have known Jim for many years and have the highest regard for him. He has unquestionable integrity and a sincere desire to make a positive difference at the State Capitol.

Jim is a hardworking longtime-area cattle ran-cher who is committed to reining in the out-of-control taxing and regulating that is burying this state.

He is an outspoken advocate of smaller government and self-reliance. Jim will be a strong voice for fiscal prudence and common-sense governing.

Since this is a one-issue special election, the voter turnout will likely be small so every vote can make a significant difference. It is critical that you vote on Jan. 8 and that you encourage your friends and neighbors to do it as well.

Please vote for Jim because we urgently need him fighting for us in Sacramento.

Wayne Nader, Auburn