Next step is for City Council to meet with FSC committee

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Comments from some residents and recent newspaper reports have created the impression that the fiscal sustainability committee (FSC) is recommending contracting for services for both the Police and Fire Departments as the only alternative to achieve fiscal solvency for the next five years. Contracting for services is an alternative but it is not the only alternative outlined in the voluminous 399-page report. For those interested in the information concerning public safety services, I would encourage you to access the entire report online at and take the time to read Sections VI-2-I-1 and VI-3-I-1. These sections describe a process that can be used by the City Council to determine appropriate service and staffing levels based on existing fiscal constraints. Department heads then have the opportunity to prepare a budget that meets that goal for the next five years. The same information can be used to request contracting proposals for comparative purposes. The City Council can review the proposal responses, evaluate them along with the department head proposals and make a decision, knowing that each proposal will meet the financial goals established by the committee. The report also contains suggested provisions for the protection of current employees in the event that the council wishes to ask for a proposal for contracted services. The fiscal sustainability committee is looking forward to a study session with the City Council as the next step in moving this project forward. I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to access the report and review this important matter. Jim Datzman, FSC subcommittee member, Lincoln