News Messenger burglarized

By: Brandon Darnell, News Messenger Reporter
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The need for vigilance was highlighted again when a burglar entered an unlocked door at the offices of the Lincoln News Messenger and stole about $300 Thursday night. The incident was reported to police Friday morning, and by that time, the culprit was long gone. It’s another cautionary tale, and police say crimes of opportunity are not uncommon, but are easy to prevent. “Always make sure your residence or your business is as secure as you can possible make it,” said Lt. Paul Shelgren of the Lincoln Police Department. “Lock your doors, use your deadbolts and close your garage doors.” If you do become the victim of a crime – be it one of opportunity or design – there is important advice to remember. “Don’t handle anything,” Shelgren said. “Leave everything in place. So many times, people want to pick up and touch stuff, and that eliminates the possibility for our detectives to gather evidence like fingerprints.” Brandon Darnell can be reached by e-mail at