Newly-elected candidates shouldn’t be so blunt

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You never know what you will get with a local election in a small town. However, you would hope that newly elected people, especially those with past council experience, would not make too many post-election predictions or threats. Naturally sound judgment goes right out the window with some re-elected councilmen once their supposed power takes over. Case in point, newly elected Mr. Stan Nader made the statement regarding his ultimatum to the City Manager, Jim Estep. Rather than attempting to negotiate a future type of a settlement, he throws down the gauntlet. His brash remarks in (an area paper) Thursday, Nov. 4 show he is not willing to negotiate with Mr. Estep. Typical of people who do not put brain in gear before operating the mouth. I believe Mr. Estep has a legal and binding contract with the city of Lincoln with a long service guarantee. It might be better to negotiate with a little sugar than sour grapes. Raymond E. Blasquez, Jr., Lincoln