The new me, thanks to the library, part II

Friends of the Lincoln Library column
By: By Lora Finnegan Special to The News Messenger
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I think I just broke my chakra.

In recent weeks, I’ve been checking out fitness DVDs from the Lincoln Public Library at Twelve Bridges in an effort to determine which style of program might help me achieve my New Year’s resolution.

Last week, I worked out to “Shaping up with Weights for Dummies” with Tracy York. Tough but good.

This week, I try “The Goddess Workout (Intro to Belly Dance)” with Dolphina. And that’s where the whole chakra tragedy unfolds.

First, I hit “Play” and there’s Dolphina herself, swaying to the hypnotic music of India. She promises a belly dance workout that will be “powerful, sensual and healing”. OK, I’m just looking to burn fat but whatever.

It helps that Dolphina looks the part of a goddess: graceful and pretty, with blond hair down to there. She’s shimmering in a coin-bedecked outfit as she shows how to do the dance’s famous “snake arms” maneuver — while I, in a ragged sweatshirt and pants—undulate my flabby arms like crazy. It’s like watching Kathy Griffin trying to imitate Beyonce.

No way.

Now Dolphina is talking about peace and harmony and healing while bending in ways I don’t recall ever seeing before. Meanwhile, my knee is torqueing and I can’t stand up straight.

At some point, I hear her refer to the body’s ‘seven main chakras’.

According to one source online (and therefore totally true), chakras can be “properly aligned with specific belly dancing movements/exercises and thereby to release blockages in the chakras that prevent their movements from flowing naturally and thus clear limitations in their artistic expression.”


That’s how I know my chakras are shattered. Even with Dolphina’s help, I can’t create one single move that could be described as artistic.

So I’m no goddess. But if a deep belly laugh over the sight of my own flailing arms counts, then “The Goddess Workout” has helped me burn a couple calories.


More on exercise DVDs

If you’re new to the fitness game, checking out a free DVD instead of buying one really is a cheap way to figure out the kind of workout that works best for you.

The library has a bunch to choose from, including big names from Jillian (she’s seen on “The Biggest Loser”) to Jane Fonda (her “Prime Time” workout is targeted to seniors). You get each for a week. Remember to return them on time or face a $1-per-day fine. Oh and, it helps if you take the DVD out of your machine and place it in its cover before you return it (whoops).


Children’s book author on Saturday

Local author Jeri Chase Ferris will be at the library this Saturday from 1 to 3 in the Willow Room with a terrific presentation on her latest book, published by Houghton Mifflin: “Noah Webster and His Words.”

Kids enjoy Jeri’s talks because she is always lively, interesting and brings fun props. The event, sponsored by the Friends of the Lincoln Library, is free and light refreshments are included.


Remember to join

Due to the tough economy, your support of the library and the Friends is crucial. A 2013 Friends membership is a bargain: join as an individual ($15), a family ($25) or as a club/business ($40). Download a membership form from our website at

Or pick up a form at the library and mail it to us at Friends of the Lincoln Library, PO Box 1177, Lincoln, CA 95648.


At Twelve Bridges

Tuesday, Feb. 12: Friends Board Meeting in the Fir Room starts at 2 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 16: Free Family Movie Night starts at 5:30 p.m.


This column is part of a Friends of the Lincoln Library series. To reach the nonprofit Friends, write to Box 1177, Lincoln CA 95648, contact 434-2404, or Lora Finnegan is Friends of the Lincoln Library president.