New fiscal committee could expand

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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The outline for the city’s fiscal sustainability plan’s request for proposal was Wednesday’s fiscal-sustainability committee meeting focus. Committee chairman Richard Pearl led the group in a discussion about what kind of information should be included and asked for in the request for proposal. Pearl suggested including a background of Lincoln, project goals and project scope. Pearl said he would “get a boiler plate” sample of the standard request for proposal sent out by the city. Committee member Dan Karleskint asked that the request for proposal ask for prices “for not just the person facilitating the plan from the consulting group but the prices of other services” that could be part of the process. “Most firms will provide a list of staff at different levels and costs,” said City Manager Jim Estep, the committee’s city-staff member. Committee members Lee Guth and Karleskint said the request for proposal should ask for references and specific projects of the consulting firms who respond to the request. “References are important. With cities, we are all connected and we can get information on the results,” Estep responded. “We have a list service so we can put a question out and it would go to every city in the state.” The committee decided to draft the request for proposal the next two weeks and submit it to City Council for approval by May 24. Expanding the committee will be discussed at the May 11 and May 18 fiscal-sustainability meetings, according to Pearl. “The entire motive is to expand the fiscal sustainability committee to be created as an all-civilian and resident committee to undertake the analysis needed to (form) the goals and scope,” Pearl said. During Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Councilman Stan Nader announced resident Bob Perro would replace committee member Dennis Wagner, who resigned “because it was going to involve more time than he anticipated,” according to Nader. City Clerk Pat Avila said Perro’s appointment will be ratified at the May 10 council meeting. Two weeks ago, Nader selected Wagner as a committee member, with Rob Wolf as an alternate if needed. On Wednesday, Nader said he was asked by the committee to speak with Wolf before naming Perro as a new member. “As a courtesy, I need to speak with Rob (Wolf),” Nader said.