New council members change opinions

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The words of politicians never cease to amaze me even in small-town politics. A few months ago, hopeful council members Stan Nader and Gabriel Hydrick were tearing apart any and all thoughts of passing Measure K. A measure that was proposed to avoid drastic lay-offs in our Police and Fire Departments and other services. They rode the wave of descent to defeat the measure and used that platform to get themselves elected onto the City Council. Well look at them now: both are looking to encourage the council to “implement a tax measure in a timely fashion in the immediate future.” It seems that their light bulbs have lit up and they realize income does not become revenue unless you have a voter-approved tax to create it. Even Councilman Nader’s chief of staff Noreen Skillman is jumping on the band wagon declaring last week “Measure K” would have passed if it had been more specific to where funds would go. I guess she missed all the meetings for Measure K. They were all dead set against any kind of tax, especially Measure K just a few months ago. Of course, at that time, it was more self serving to oppose Measure K in order to be elected. Ray Blasquez Jr., Lincoln