New clinic in Roseville hits health with ancient touch

By: Scott Thomas Anderson, Editor
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The Acupuncture Medical Center

Where: 151 N Sunrise, Suite 1009, Roseville

Contact: (916) 742-4001


If a technique works for more than a millennium, then the proof is in its staying power.

That’s the philosophy of acupuncture specialist Owen Marron, who just opened a treatment center on North Sunrise Avenue.

Marron first learned of acupuncture after he suffered an injury in college and it was the only pain treatment that made him feel better. He later began to study Asian medicine, working for several years as an acupressure pain management specialist for the Detroit Lions NFL team. After graduating a five-year program to master acupuncture, Marron and his wife, Mollie, opened a clinic in Florida. The couple recently moved to the Roseville area and held the grand opening for the Acupuncture Medical Center on Feb. 7. The event featured Asian-style gifts and refreshments and free mini-treatments.

The business, located at 151 North Sunrise, Suite 1009, has already landed some local fans.  

“Acupuncture is the oldest type of medicine known to man,” Owen Marron said. “It works as an entire system that moves blood circulation and its blood to areas of the body that are being obstructed.”

According to Marron, muscular skeletal issues like arthritis can be treated by increasing blood flow to joints. Improving blood flow to organs for internal health is also another major objective of acupuncture, as well as overall cell and tissue function.

The root of acupuncture treatment involves stimulating the body with sterile, single-use, medically safe needles. Mollie, who works as the office manager, admits some people find the needles intimidating at first.

“We have potential customers come in who are worried about the pain,” she said. “But the needles are small, thin and virtually painless.”

For patient Leslie DeLoach, the only topic about pain worth discussing when it comes to the Acupuncture Medical Center is the pain she no longer feels in her head. DeLoach has been going to the clinic since its soft opening and gives it a grade-A rating.

“I was suffering from debilitating migraines almost daily,” DeLoach said. “I had been to a neurologist and other medical experts, and all they could do for me at the end of the day is prescribe pain killers, most of which wouldn’t allow me to drive or work while I was on them. “I started the acupuncture treatment last October and I haven’t had one migraine since. For my needs, it’s been great.”  

Marron acknowledged his mission is all about offering a real alternative when pain has become unmanageable.

“When people go to the doctor these days, I’m not sure they are always given enough options,” Marron reflected. “Life is beautiful when you have options.”