Neighbors say there's something in the water

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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A handful of new and expectant mothers on Culpepper Lane say there may be something in the water. Since 2009, seven baby boys have either been born or will be born this fall. Two of the boys and their families have since moved. The News Messenger spoke with four of the women, two who have already had their sons and two who are awaiting the arrival of their new sons. Jacqueline Magginetti and her husband Josh plan to name their son Damian, who is due on Oct. 10. She said she?s hoping he?s born on Oct. 11 so his birthday is 10/11/12. ?I was the last to get pregnant and everybody (on Culpepper Lane) was hoping for a girl so they could have all the boys in the neighborhood take care of the girl,? Magginetti said. Magginetti ?loves? that there will be five boys so close in age on her street. ?I just think it?s fun that they?ll all be able to grow up together,? Magginetti said. Amber Brown and boyfriend Richard Johnson are also expecting their first child together and she is due Sept. 7. Brown said they don?t currently have a name picked out. ?I think there?s something in the water,? Brown said. ?I?m super excited. I think not having to deal with the drama of girls will be a good thing. My biggest concern is trips to the hospital for mischief.? Brown said she got pregnant, thanks to her neighbor giving her a pair of baby booties. ?When I told her (neighbor) that we were trying back in December, she was like, ?I have the perfect thing.? She gives me these little green and yellow booties and said these have been passed around the neighborhood and they work. Keep them in your pantry,? Brown said. ?I was pregnant within three weeks and I have not removed them from the pantry since.? Brown predicts that the boys on her block ?will be cool and rough and tumble? and is excited for her son to have instant friends. ?He?s going to have best friends on this street and you can?t ask for more than that,? Brown said. Jack Michael Marsh was born to Lindsey Marsh and her husband on Jan. 2. Jack is the youngest of four children, who range in age from 10 to six. ?I was excited for everyone, I just thought it was a fun coincidence we were expecting together,? Marsh said. ?I thought it was fun (all of the babies would be boys). They?ll all be playing on the street and riding bikes together.? Marsh said she and the four other moms are ?pretty close? and hopes that the five boys on Culpepper Lane will be close, too. ?I just hope they all are good friends and can go to school together,? Marsh said. ?It would be nice if everyone ends up staying on our street and growing up together.? The oldest baby boy on Culpepper Lane is Wyatt Peterson. He was born on Oct. 12 to Jamie and Erik Peterson. His mother describes having all boys on her street as ?so fun.? ?I was the first to be pregnant and it was fun to hear that everyone was having babies at the same time,? Peterson said. ?It was fun to learn we were all having boys. We?ll have a baseball team.? Peterson describes Wyatt as being ?so fun and very busy.? ?He keeps us on our toes,? Peterson said. As for Wyatt?s relationship with his fellow neighbor boys, Peterson said she expects them to be BFF?s, or best friends forever. ?We like each other so they?ll like each other,? Peterson said. ?I?m excited he?ll have little boys to play with.?