Neighbor doesn’t like casita

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When my wife and I purchased our premium lot on Fallen Leaf Lane, we knew that our open-space views were subject to change because of environmental or other forces beyond our community’s control. Never would we have imagined, however, that our own association would allow a guesthouse to be built in our immediate neighbor’s backyard. Section 8.04 of our newly-adopted CC&R’s clearly states that “no separate enclosed buildings or structures ... shall be placed, assembled, constructed or otherwise maintained on any Lot in areas subject to prohibition of solid rear walls and fences, nor on any other Lot in such manner as to be Visible From Neighboring Property.” Well, now, when we step out onto our patio or sit in our backyard, we look directly at the over 400-square-foot cottage, casita, in-law quarters, rental unit —whatever you want to call it — that’s right next door. No one in the entire community has such a building in their backyard. What was the Architectural Review Committee thinking when they approved this construction? And how could our Board of Directors let the ARC subcommittee of two people approve the only backyard Casita in Sun City Lincoln Hills? How could they make such a huge mistake? Something stinks! As fellow residents elected to manage our community according to the rules and regulations spelled out in our governing documents, the Board has a legal responsibility to enforce our CC&R’s. They must correct the error that has been made. The illegal building must be removed from our neighbor’s backyard. Al and Sheila Mangini, Sun City Lincoln Hills