Nader's "bold leadership" call empty rhetoric

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Stan Nader?s opinion piece (page A5, May 31 News Messenger, ?Bold leadership required?) concludes by saying, ?Only through economic growth can we get back the quality of life that brought us all to Lincoln.? Apparently Mr. Nader thinks we can get enough businesses to generate sales tax to meet the shortfall in our General Fund. This is naïve. Has he looked at the numbers? There is another solution for our understaffed police and fire departments and that?s to raise revenue via tax increases. We had a modest utility users? tax on the ballot. Anyone who supported it was crucified by The News Messenger, which egged on a large portion of the community to rise up against it. What I found most remarkable is that people got angry that the question was being put to them. It?s not as if the City Council imposed the tax; they merely asked if the voters wanted it. The people who were against it ignored reality and now they?re surprised that we?ve closed one of our three fire stations and that one of the others is closed if someone?s ill or on vacation. What did they think was going to happen? Nader?s call for ?bold leadership? is empty rhetoric. He participated in the mob scene against the utility users? tax. On his shoulders lies the blame. Tom Cluster, Lincoln