Nader, Hydrick make good on promises

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Congratulations to Stan Nader and Gabriel Hydrick and to all of us who voted for them! We made the right choice. Dave and I attended their first council meeting (last Tuesday) and were very impressed. They started off making good on their campaign promises of asking questions and getting down to business. Also, congratulations, to Carol Feineman, the editor of the Lincoln News Messenger, for writing a superb article on the mismanagement of our city staff and City Council (Dec. 16, Page A4, “City officials should be more forthcoming”). Keep up the great work. If you saved last week’s paper and didn’t read her article, get it and read it; there is so much information that we Lincolnites have been asking for and have not been getting until now. I agree with her when she said, “Lincoln residents finally have a council member looking out for their best interests in the city.” I add that we have two council members that will do that. So, please, you three veteran council members, put away your anger, embarrassment and resentment. Start making good on your past campaign promises to do the best you can to help make Lincoln run efficiently. And, to all of you who did not vote for Measure K, you made the right choice. We didn’t need it! Again, congratulations Stan, Gabriel and Carol for a job well done. Nancy Moose, Lincoln