Museum should stay in building

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I would like to congratulate the city of Lincoln on the opening of the Lincoln Area Archives Museum last Saturday. For the first time, I felt that our city has found its heart. I realize that when this building was originally constructed, it was planned as the center of Lincoln alongside the lovely fountain and the distinctive clock. But when City Hall moved, this heart of Lincoln became fragmented. It isn’t fragmented any longer. The Archives and its outstanding displays capture the essence of Lincoln: past and present. The displays speak to all visitors and residents of a town that started as a railroad center and survived because of remarkable clay deposits discovered shortly after Charles Lincoln Wilson began building. And now we have our heart back. Brilliant. I can even envision the chamber and business owners seizing the opportunity to entice visitors and residents into their businesses with a picture directory of the town buildings 75 to 100 years ago side by side with pictures of the present-day businesses. Visitors and residents undoubtedly will be interested to read a few lines about the families who originally erected those buildings alongside a paragraph about the families who currently operate their businesses from each of these buildings. Lincoln started as a town of small business owners and remarkably, we still are. And of course, timing is everything. All this is happening just as we are getting back our main thoroughfare and are looking for ways to enhance Lincoln Boulevard and the businesses that surround it. Happy day. Congratulations to the city decision-makers who recognized the value of placing the Lincoln Area Archives in our central city building and to all the residents who have contributed their family artifacts to the artful displays. And of course a profound thank-you to the dedicated and talented members of the Archives who have made this possible. This is an excellent example of citizens working together to enhance the little city that we all love. LYNDELL GREY, Lincoln