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City said Police Chief Vizzusi’s status should be updated soon
By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Report
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As of press time Wednesday, the employment status of Lincoln Police Chief Brian Vizzusi is unknown. However, City Manager Jim Estep gave a time about when the status would be determined in an e-mail to The News Messenger at 5:22 p.m. Wednesday. “I’m really close and working on something related to that at the moment,” Estep wrote. “It appears I’ll have something by noon tomorrow. You’ll be the first to know!” Before that e-mail, Estep e-mailed the newspaper at 9:36 a.m. “I don’t expect to have anything new to report until near the end of the day,” he wrote. Estep told The News Messenger last week that Vizzusi’s status would be resolved by last Friday or this week. Mayor Tom Cosgrove told The News Messenger on Tuesday he didn’t know of any updates about Vizzusi because “those are confidential discussions.” “Jim (Estep) is talking with him so I’m not a part of that discussion,” Cosgrove said. “When there’s news, Jim and I will talk.” A source close to Vizzusi, however, told The News Messenger that Vizzusi is working on a statement regarding his job status. Estep and Cosgrove both said they were unaware of any statement. There is also the rumor repeatedly phoned into the newspaper about a vote made by the City Council last week to remove Vizzusi from his job. Cosgrove and Estep both told The News Messenger Tuesday that such a vote would have been made by the City Council during a public meeting or would have been reported after City Council’s closed session. “We’re trying to be as up front and honest as we can be about it,” Cosgrove said. The News Messenger will report online at when Estep has new information regarding Vizzusi’s job status.