MPH signs needed on the bypass

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This is to advise motorists that there are no miles per hour signs on the bypass going south between West Wise Road and Nelson Road. Going south from West Wise Road, the first miles per hour sign is after the Nelson Road intersection and it is 65 MPH.

It is important to know that the miles per hour from West Wise to Nelson is 55 MPH.

The California Highway Patrol is waiting to increase their coffers by citing “speedsters” turning south from West Wise Road and driving 65 MPH. It is unfortunate, that the CHP is benefitting from our bypass simply because all needed signs are not yet posted.

It reminds me of when the police were citing drivers who were turning right from the Lowe’s parking lot because the “no right turn” sign had not yet been taken down after all the work was completed.

I wonder how many people will be stopped and have to go through the anxiety, time and cost of presenting themselves at court to “fight” these unfair citations.

Frank Neves, Lincoln