More predictions by the numbers

By: Jim Linsdau, Sports Editor
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Last week, I introduced my ingenious method for predicting how the boys basketball teams would fare in the Pioneer Valley, Sierra Foothill, and Capital Athletic leagues.

To repeat, I base my predictions on what happened last year, the number of seniors who have come and gone, and how the teams are doing so far this season. I’ve left out such significant details as to coaching changes, transfers, a senior’s actual contribution to the team’s success (or lack thereof) and the impact a number of underclassmen might have or had on a particular school’s campaign.

Before I use this brilliant strategy to predict how the girls basketball teams will do in those respective leagues, I must first bring the boys’ predictions up to date based on this week’s preseason results.

The Pioneer Valley League situation did not change. Del Oro still rides atop the SFL, as does Antelope in the CAL. However, Nevada Union moved up a notch in the SFL and Roseville rose two places in the standings.

Making moves in the CAL were El Camino and Mira Loma, one place each.

Using my same ridiculous “mathematical” approach, girls basketball will look like the following:

Starting with the Pioneer Valley League, Placer has settled into first place. It appears they will do battle with Bear River and Foothill, who appear to be running neck-and-neck although the Bruins are yet to lose this preseason.

Lincoln holds down the No. 5 spot just a couple hundredths of a point behind Colfax. But at 2-2 so far this season the Fighting Zebras are looking stronger than last year. Their loss margins have been by eight and three points.

Now let’s shift to the ever-difficult Sierra Foothill League.

Rocklin is presently holding down a respectable third place with a 2-2 record. Del Oro, as anticipated, is leading the league but does have one loss. However, in the five games the Golden Eagles have won, the average margin of victory has been by 31 points.

Nevada Union is the only other SFL team with a .500 winning record or better. The Miners defeated a good El Camino team by 21 points last week but a couple of their losses have been a shellacking.

In the Capital Athletic League, Antelope is poised to keep El Camino from repeating as league champions. The Titans are having a good preseason and the Eagles have struggled a bit. As mentioned above, Nevada Union rolled over them last week and El Camino has had trouble scoring. They’re scoring 44 points a game but giving up an average of 52.

The Whitney Wildcats have been adventuresome. They traveled all the way to Santa Rosa this weekend and matched up with some pretty tough teams. The ‘Cats now appear to stand at 3-4 but some games have yet to be reported.

One interesting note, Center, a team I have predicted to take last in the PVL, defeated the CAL’s Mira Loma by 21.