Moore Road not just about one group of residents

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In response to Pamela Wang’s letter (News Messenger, page A4, April 9,) “Moore Road Residents Unhappy,” first, I like to say if I lived out there, I would be fighting mad too but there are two sides to this issue. I moved to Lincoln in 1985 and have longed dreamed of the Lincoln Bypass. It sometimes takes me two or three light changes to make a left-hand turn onto the highway to go south. This makes me very unhappy (mad) as the commute traffic gets 2.25 minutes of light and I get 15 seconds to a minute if the traffic keeps tripping the sensor in the road. When I have brought this up to city officials, the answer is Caltrans controls the lights and if we interfere, Caltrans will not service the highway. How about looking out for city residents, I feel your pain. I know this is a hardship for the residents who are affected but any legal action could once again delay the bypass and it is so badly needed. Yes, city officials must have had their heads stuck somewhere, like in the sand, not to have addressed the Sorrento Parkway issue back in January when it was brought to their attention but please let the bypass proceed and let all the residents back you with getting the Sorrento Parkway done in a most timely manner. All of us affected by the horrible traffic would be most thankful of you and all of your neighbors. You stated you are not going to do business in Lincoln any more because of this matter. Your anger is at city officials, not the businesses of Lincoln. Please let your voice be heard at the next election and continue to support Lincoln business. William Hartley, Lincoln