Moore Road closure back on

By: Brandon Darnell, News Messenger Reporter
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Moore Road will permanently close April 13 as part of the Highway 65 bypass construction, according to the city of Lincoln’s spokeswoman. The plan to keep the road open with one lane of traffic during construction of Sorrento Parkway was deemed unfeasible during a meeting with Caltrans and city officials Tuesday afternoon, said Jill Thompson, the city’s spokeswoman. “Caltrans is going to move forward with total closure of Moore Road on the 13th,” Thompson said. Keeping Moore Road open, Thompson said, would “increase the cost of the project significantly” and delay the project’s completion by as much as a year. Caltrans officials did not return phone calls for comment at press time. The decision is unpopular with area residents, several of whom contacted the News Messenger Wednesday afternoon after hearing about the situation. “I think I could probably speak for the entire community when I say that we are upset that we got such little notice about this,” said Lisa Najarro, a resident in the Hawk’s Landing subdivision, which she said will be cut off from Lincoln with the closure of Moore Road. “We were told there would be one lane kept open for fire trucks and school buses,” Najarro said. Many of the residents, according to Najarro, have children attending Lincoln schools, and now getting them to school is difficult, as she estimates the trip into Lincoln will now take an extra 30-45 minutes each way. “How can people get back and forth?” Najarro asked. “They talked about having us go down Nelson Road, but that is not what I would call a well-traveled road. There’s potholes…and it’s not well-lit at night, and we have to travel that way just to get to the grocery store.” Najarro added that residents are taking steps to stop the closure of Moore Road. “We’re getting a petition going, and we’re calling the local news stations,” Najarro said. “Every person in this development is going to sign it once they figure out what is going on.” Najarro also mentioned that legal steps might be forthcoming. Construction of Sorrento Parkway could begin as soon as next week but will definitely start by April 13, according to Thompson. That construction is being paid for by the developer, not the city, Thompson said. “In light of these circumstances,” Thompson said, “the city of Lincoln is currently developing a plan that would provide adequate public-safety coverage for the Hawks Landing subdivision during that six- to eight-week period of construction.” That subdivision, according to Thompson, includes about 200 homes. “I don’t see how that’s going to be completed in six to eight weeks,” Najarro said. “What are we supposed to do in the meantime?” Brandon Darnell can be reached by e-mail at