Moniz Wins 200 Lap Enduro at AAS

By: Chase Montgomery, Press Tribune Correspondent
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Larry Moniz (No. 95) won the 200-lap Enduro race Saturday night at All American Speedway. Just 12 cars took the green flag on a soapy, sudsy, water-soaked track. Drivers went counterclockwise for the first 100 laps, with tractor-trailer tires and soap-filled barrels serving as obstacles along the 1/3-mile course. A pill draw for starting position put Gerry Gnech (94) on the pole. Race fans will know Gerry as an AAS official on most Saturday nights. Enduro veteran Matt Manolis (55) was on his outside. Chico’s Wes Brown (92) and Loren Chitwood (13X) occupied the second row, while pre-race favorites Joe Addison (02) and Larry Moniz (95) started seventh and eighth. Manolis grabbed the lead on the initial lap, with Chitwood second and Chris Lancaster (7) moving up to third. Addison was charging and moved past Lancaster for that position on lap three. He was in second by the sixth lap and had the lead on the very next lap. By lap 32 there were only three cars on the lead lap. Addison continued to run ahead, with Moniz second and Lancaster third, but Lancaster was a lap down on lap 46 leaving the battle to Addison and Moniz. Addison crossed first with Moniz second - the only two cars on the lead lap. Rounding out the top five were Chitwood, Brown, and Lancaster. The Speedway was thoroughly soaped down once again at intermission, and the drivers changed to a clockwise direction for the second 100. The cars started from the infield grass, with the crowd counting them down. Lap 101 sees more of the same from the first 100. Addison looked unbeatable, but Moniz was hungry for a win. Adam Carpinetta (24) slipped by Wes Brown on lap 107 for fifth, but Brown returned the favor on lap 118. Just when it looked as though Addison would run away with this one, a spin on lap 133 opened the door for Moniz. He took the lead as Addison spun again to go a lap down on lap 135. Moniz continued to enjoy his run as the only car on the lead lap, but Addison kept fighting back. He earned his lap back the hard way on lap 163, but time is running out. Addison was turning in lap times that were a second and a half faster than Moniz but would have to settle for second place in this one. Moniz hung on to win his first ever Enduro at AAS claiming the $1000 first prize. Addison crossed the stripe second, 14 seconds behind the winner. Third place went to Chris Lancaster with a great run. He finished five laps down. Loren Chitwood (seven laps down) finished fourth, with Wes Brown in fifth (eight laps down). 6 (24) Adam Carpinetta (-8 laps) 7 (85) John Courier (-10 laps) 8 (42) Gene Guinn (-16 laps) 9 (94) Jerry Gnech (-17 laps) 10 (55) Matt Manolis (-25 laps) 11 (01) Brandon Erickson (-94 laps) 12 (25) Mike Molhill (0 laps) A post-race technical inspection was done and the 02 and the 7 were disqualified due to high compression readings. Adjusted results were not available at press time. Interceptors In the Interceptor Division, made up of former taxicabs and police cars, Matt Manolis led all the way in this 15-lap feature. Only three cars took the green for a three-wide rolling start. Brandon Erickson (01) came from third to second on lap six, but Manolis was too much. Erickson crossed second with John Courier (85) coming home third.